Thursday, April 19, 2012

The universe works in mysterious ways

You know how we always seem to hear that the universe works in mysterious ways? Well today I think I have proof that it's true. If you have been following my blog, then you know that I had my dissertation exam two weeks ago. Since that time, I've had a lot of people asking how it feels to be done. I didn't feel like I was done because I had not submitted the final three copies to the faculty of Graduate Studies until today.

After the exam, one examiner said that she would send me a few articles that she thought would be a good addition to strengthening the dissertation. She sent them to me last week Monday and by the time I read them and added some extra stuff in my document, it was Thursday. I sent the final revisions to my supervisor Celia and expected that she would read it and give me the okay to print it which I was expecting to do last Friday.
I kept checking my email all weekend but alas I was to wait till Monday when she wrote and said that everything looked fine. I finally printed three copies of the document on Tuesday afternoon and took them to the print shop to get them shrink wrapped. The print shop called me yesterday morning and said the documents were ready to be picked up.

I picked it up, packaged it up in a box and took it to UPS to ship to Toronto. I tracked the package all night and early this morning. It finally arrived at the desk of the faculty of Graduate Studies just before 12pm.

So you're probably wondering why I think this has any meaning. Well, today is exactly one year to the day that Dad passed away. I know for sure that he is looking down on me this day and smiling because he believed with every part of his being that I would achieve this PhD. He had no doubt that I could do it and I am 100% positive that he is grinning right now.
A friend sent me an email this morning telling me that he is thinking of me and my family in this time of loss, but I can honestly say that from this day, I will forever think of April 19 as a day filled with joy rather than sadness. Dad would have been the proudest father today and there is no better way for me to remember him. 
That's the universe telling me that I am not alone but even more important than that, there is some greater power than any of us that guides us and looks out for us. If you have your own universe story, send it via a comment.


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  1. It seems like only few months ago your father have passed away can't believe a year has gone by since this beloved man leave us all. Your Dad and Mom would spend a few days at my home when they visiting Guyana and even when i move to Orlando,although i get to know them well i did not know their children that much i saw Karan when he came to visit me in orlando but it was you that during the last month or so that your Dad would have passed away i follow your blogs and i love the way you were writng.Since then our friendship has grown and i try to keep up with your progress of be coming a Doctor. Now that you have finish this chapter as a cousin or yours i'm proud of you.


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