Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Izzy's birthday (and she wrote this post) - May 18th

I'm sorry I forgot to e-mail U on Sunday. Sad But I will tell U about my story about the Symphony!
At about 11:30 my Aunty Angie picked me up and we headed downtown. 
 We went to Earls and I had chicken tenders and fries and a sherly temple. 
Aunty Angie had some sushi!
When we finished eating we drove to the Winspear Center. 
 The first song was called Buhr,it was about 5 mins. 
Second was Enesco that was about 7 mins long and last before intermission we had a song called Schumann that was 26 mins. 
After the song Schumann we had a 20 min. intermission. 
 I got some Halls for my sore throat and some mentos (mints) aunty Angie got a fruit pack of mentos. 
 When the break was over we had the last song and it was called Beethoven, it was pretty long, it was 40 mins. 
I was so sad I wanted to hear more., 
Aunty Angie drove me home.

So that was (my) day!

Isn't this beautiful? Izzy has her very own email address so we have been emailing each other. I asked her to write about what she did for her birthday so this was one of the things she did. Very cute!


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