Friday, May 25, 2012

Made my 20th KIVA loan 
I posted previously about KIVA but I'm doing so again. I just made my 20th one yesterday. I started with a $125 Christmas present in 2010 from Sharm, Sunita, Subhadra and Sophie and I added $75 a few months later.  As you can see, 6 of them are completely repaid, 10 are in various states of repayment and 4 have not started yet. Here is my portfolio: Sandra's KIVA portfolio.

I choose my loans based on whether the borrower has the capacity to sustain them and grow (rather than someone perhaps needing it to repair a house) and the length of it takes them to pay it back (I choose 6 months but have lent for longer periods). I lend $25 to each borrower so that if they default, it's only $25. So far, I am happy to say that all my borrowers have been repaying on time but there is a small risk that they may not.

If you would like a KIVA Free Trial, click on the link. 

Sunrise (taken by me on Mt Haleakala) makes me think anything is possible
Have a great weekend!

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