Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My convocation on June 11

Now for the convocation event. I can now admit that I had many moments after submitting my dissertation to the Faculty of Graduate Studies that I still had work to do. I received an invitation to RSVP to the ceremony which was held on June 11th.

I did that and realized that I missed the deadline date of April 28th for taking graduation pictures so they could be included in the composite of all the grads. I called the studio in Toronto and they said that it was unfortunate. I said that I was going to be in Toronto a week later so they suggested that I could still get the pictures done - only they would not be included in the wall of fame. The person I spoke to asked what degree I was getting and when I told him, he said that for all the hard work I must have done, he would make an exception and wait for my pictures. So when I went to Toronto for Auntie Goomtie's 90th birthday celebrations, I had them taken.

The photographer robed in a fire engine red robe which fitted like a huge sack. I guess it's a "one size fit all" robe but at least it was a colour I liked. He took several pictures with and without props like flowers, a book and a rolled up diploma.

Then he brought out the most ridiculous hat for me to wear (as seen below)! I felt like I was in some Harry Potter movie but did not have the invisible cape where no one could see me!

Anyway, the day of the event, I arrived at the university without my sheet of paper with my name to say that I was graduating. The unfriendly greeter said that I would not be allowed into the event without my letter. I must have looked pretty crestfallen because she followed it up with another question: What degree are you receiving?" I told her that it was my doctorate and immediately as I said that, her demeanour changed and she got a big smile on her face as she gave me directions. Then she decided that I might have difficulty with her directions so she escorted me to the room in a maze of turns and twists. When I arrived, she offered to hang up my jacket and get me a cup of coffee and something to eat. This was royal treatment so it almost made the "jester" hat bearable.

The grad went off without a hitch and then it was a grand reception after (picture below). All the visions that I had that they would forget to call my name did not happen.

Here is the link to the video which was streamed live. My grad ceremony # 3 Select ceremony # 3. Happy viewing.

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