Thursday, June 28, 2012

My visit to Edmonton - ***revised posting!

I left Toronto with Sunita on the night of my convocation to attend a two and a half day workshop in Edmonton on sustainability and curriculum design. The workshop was a very good learning and networking opportunity for all who attended. But the best part of the whole experience was seeing Izzy and Ronin who didn't know I was going. We arrived very late Monday night and the next morning I woke up early (still on Toronto time) and went upstairs. I stood at the foot of the stairs and whistled my signature family whistle. Izzy was in bed with Sunita still sleeping but when she heard the whistle, she stirred as if asking herself if she was dreaming (I got this from Sunita). She snuggled back into sleep and I waited for a bit and whistled again. Sunita said she sat right up and bolted out of the bed in less than a few seconds. In no time she was down the stairs hugging me in a nice long hug.

We then went upstairs and woke Ronin. He was still sleeping so I lifted up the cover of his fort (he sleeps in the lower part of his bunk bed and has a blanket spread on the side to make it look like a fort) and snuggled next to him. He lifted up his hands and hugged me but I think he thought he was dreaming. I kissed him up and he got up still obviously disoriented and unsure if it was me. He went over to his mom's room and asked "Is that Nani?" When he was sure he was not dreaming, he ran back and gave me the biggest hug.

After my conference, Sunita and I went to get some flowers for her yard. She had a few planters that needed flowers so we bought some and brought them home. I positioned them in the planters to see how they would look before planting them. Ronin came over and asked: Nani are you planting those flowers?” When I said yes, he looked at me in kind of an awestruck way and said: You are totally awesome!” Izzy concurred with this: “You are a really good gardener!” How is that for a grandson and granddaughter who think I am awesome because I can plant flowers? After the flowers, we went off to the backyard and planted some strawberry bushes that I bought for them. Ronin hosed them down creating a small tributary by the time he was done. Then Izzy watered all the plants with some fertilizer water that I made.

I forgot to mention that when I was at the store, I bought a lawn ornament of five puppies. I was so excited to bring it home. At once Ronin looked at it and said: What does it do? I said they look cute. His next question: Do they bawk (that’s bark in Roninspeak)? When I said no they were only ornaments, he was not impressed. I think my awesome status got a beating at that moment. Anyway I told them they could put it in front of their tree house that their awesome neighbour build for them. Here is the Dr Seuss-like crooked tree house. Thanks Rob. Totally awesome!

By the time I was ready to leave Edmonton, Ronin was not a happy person. His voice had a tremble in it as he looked at me and said: Nani, I don’t want you to leave. I told him that he’d be in Winnipeg in the summer but that was not going over well. I told him to think of all the things he’ll be doing when he comes and he promptly fell asleep. I left Edmonton with a smile on my face that in short time, they ‘ll be here. And the best part? We’ll have them all to ourselves while Sunita and Mike are in New York and Turks and Caicos. Yeah!


*** This revision is for Sub

Sub scolded me for forgetting to add my time with her in Edmonton so I am now duly scolded. Wellll, Sub and I challenged the ravine walk one day while I was there and although it is a good 40-50 minute cardio workout (one short but steep hill and one lonnnnggg but not so steep one), it was nice and refreshing to walk in the woods with my baby. I wish we had walking trails like that in Winnipeg but alas, we do not. Of course, after the walk and for days after, Sub had shin splints so I am thinking that she may not have enjoyed the actual walk as much as she enjoyed spending time with her favourite mother! TTFN


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