Sunday, July 22, 2012

Helping Nani tend her garden
Yesterday we took Sahana and Sabreena to Cirque du Soleil's Quidam and it was a fantastic show. Quite impressive if you get a chance to see any of the shows. Last year we saw their Michael Jackson tribute and that was brilliantly done. After the show yesterday, we went out for dinner at a Thai restaurant. The servings were so huge that we had enough leftover to for dinner for two. The kids slept over last night but before going to bed, they ordered up their breakfast selection. Sabreena wanted eggs, sausages and pancakes because I make the best pancakes (her words). She said she doesn't like them - she LOVES them (again - her words)! Sahana wanted salmon and toast.

So of course this morning we got up and made Hana her salmon and toast and Breen her sausages, eggs and toast. They had a feast and after that, I put them to work, pruning vines and deadheading flowers.

Breen pruning vines

Hana tending flowers
They did a great job and afterwards, I picked a handful of crabapples each for them to enjoy. Do I sound like a repeat of the previous days - that it's another beautiful day? It is and was.

I am realizing this summer just how stressed out and overwhelming last summer was. I suppose I could be forgiven if I admit that it was a very stressful time with dad's passing, trying to write my chapter 5 of my dissertation, settling mom into my home, dealing with all the paperwork of settling dad's estate, storing and disposing of her furniture and all the sundry things one does in one's day like tending a garden, cutting hair, cooking, laundry, cleaning and whatever else people do in any given day. I am thoroughly enjoying leisurely reading this summer. Last summer I ploughed through all the Harry Potter books in about 6 weeks while waiting for feedback from my professor. That was approximately 3500 pages. Don't even ask how I did it. I couldn't really say where I found the time. This summer I am going through 2-3 books a week but I don't feel a mad rush to get them done. Off to continue reading The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein. No light reading there but very very interesting. Last week I read Race Against Time by Stephen Lewis. It was brilliantly written and very funny for such a serious topic. He is a great orator and if I dare say, just as great a linguist. It was about the AIDS crisis in Africa and how the IMF and the World Bank were/are complicit in creating a crisis of epidemic proportion (pardon the pun) and how the UN is helpless in doing anything because of its immense bureaucracy.  


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