Friday, August 03, 2012

Exciting day tomorrow

Izzy & Ronin's treehouse (with puppies outside entrance)
Did I mention that my grandbabies are coming from Edmonton tomorrow for 3 weeks? Yes! 3 whole weeks and I'll have them for almost 2 of those 3 weeks without their parents. I'm pretty excited.

We'll be going to Northern Minnesota for a few days and they are excited about that little adventure. Izabel was there 2 years ago but this will be the first times for Ronin. He is sure that he'll like it though because Bella (that's what he calls Izabel) said that she liked it.

Izzy wants to know if she needs to bring special fancy restaurant clothes for the trip. I guess the Alaskan cruise she went on last year set the standard for vacations where you need to wear fancy clothes and use fancy restaurant manners when you go for dinner.

I mentioned in a post in June that their neighbour was building a tree house for them and I posted a picture of the half finished house. Here is the completed house - with a balcony for Izzy and of course the puppies keeping guard outside (even though Ronin was not impressed that they don't bark).

Looking forward to the next 3 weeks. Have a great long weekend - well - for those of us living in Canada.


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