Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Ronin

Today Ronin is 5 (or in Sabreena speak, he's now a whole hand). Sharm had a party for both of them yesterday and they looked so cute together! See for yourself. Considering that Breen does not like to look at a camera, I am happy that we got such a picture.

2 5's - Breen and Ronin
Sabreena wanted me to reassure her on Sunday after the party that she was older than Ronin. This is what she said: Nani, am I older than Ronin? Am I now 5 and he is still 4?" I told her that she was indeed older than Ronin but by the next day he would be 5. He already had two parties in Edmonton and now one in Winnipeg so today he is having a somewhat quiet day at Sharm's.

Apparently Izzy, Hana and Ronin were giving away free glasses of lemonade today and he was being the ultimate salesperson by calling out to all passersby to get a free glass of lemonade. He told me that some people said "no thank you" but Sharm's neighbour and "the lady with lots of kids" gave them cookies and money. Considering they gave away the lemonade, they ended up with $6.50 and a package of cookies. That reminds me of the time a few years ago when I was a teaching assistant for a course in Environmental Studies. I'll tell the story in another post because I don't want to distract from my grandbabies' birthdays.


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