Wednesday, August 08, 2012

In Minnesota with Izabel and Ronin

We are spending a few days at Ruttger's Birchmont in Bemidji, MN. We've been here several times over the last 10-15 years and once with Izabel but this is the first time for Ronin. We are on the second floor (which is really the third floor). The building has no elevator so I go up and down the 37 steps at least 10 times a day. Today I swam 50 laps in the pool and walking back to the room, I truly felt my legs were like jelly. Izabel reminded me that it was good exercise and that was the only reason I did not get in the back seat of the van and stay there for the rest of the afternoon.

We are going out for dinner tonight. I told the kids that I would try to find a place that sells shrimp and Ronin asked if I could also look for a place that has rice too. So I came back to the room and did a search for a chinese restaurant in Bemidji. I found 2 but one of them had such bad reviews, that I decided on the other one - only because it was the only other option. The first one is a buffet and I think of those as troughs that you walk up to and feed like cattle. Not my kind of place to eat but I suppose if I was desperate, I might try it. Well, I'd have to be very desperate but I'd eat dry cardboard first if I had to.

The last time I went to a place like that - an all you can eat buffet - it was recommended by one of Sharm's friends who we found out afterwards was anorexic and didn't eat a thing anyway. The place was cheap - you pay $10 for all the food you can eat - and after perusing the choices, I wanted my money back but was too embarrassed to go to the front and ask for a refund. It was truly horrible but you could not tell that from the numbers of people who were piling up their plates (and I mean about 2-3 plates each) with very bad food. I told Sharm not to take restaurant suggestions from someone who is anorexic because they may not be the best judges of what constitutes good food.

I'm off to try this one. Ronin can't wait. I think he really misses his rice and so do I. You can tell he is a total gourmet. He wanted dim sum. Like I'd find a dim sum restaurant in Bemidji!


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