Monday, September 10, 2012

A first-day-of-kindergarten story

Breen's 1st day of KG
Today, was the first day of kindergarten for Sabreena. She came over to visit yesterday evening and she was pretty excited to finally be starting school.

She is very animated when she talks which is quite unlike Hanna who is very quiet and does not say much. When we ask Hanna about school her responses to How was School? is usually Fine. And her responses to What did you do? is Nothing.

Sabreena gives a moment-by-moment commentary. She told her parents about almost everything that happened which she said was good. There was only one dumb thing that happened (according to her). She said that the teacher put up two fingers (as in the Peace Sign above) and she said that it means the students have to be quiet and listen to the teacher. Sabreena said that that was dumb because everyone knows that it is the peace sign. So she thought about it and decided that she didn't want to show two fingers. She would only show one finger. I have been laughing ever since because I hope she picks the right finger or it won't be a good start to the year.

Oh, and she had another story. Always the life of the party and the friend to everyone, she already made a new friend. Only problem is He doesn't even speak a language. He doesn't speak English or French. When asked his name, she said she didn't know what is name was but what she did know is that he is black and he is 5. That's all she needs to know for now about her new friend.

I can see this is going to be one very interesting year for her parents and likely a treasure chest of blog entries for me! Love my babies for making my life entertaining.


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