Friday, September 28, 2012

Itinerary now complete

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Except for any unforeseeable changes in the next two days, my itinerary is now ready. It looks busier than it really is only because I am very detailed in the information I leave for my family - exactly where I am each day and contact information (including embassy information) in case of an emergency. I learned that it is important to have the destination embassy information in case of an emergency. Two years ago, Robin and I were in Athens and on the way from the airport, his passport was stolen from his backpack (which he was wearing on his back in a crowded train [major mistake]). Fortunately I had put the information on the itinerary that I had prepared for travel (not something I had done in previous trips) and I have to say that it was very good to have a contact number and address of the Canadian Embassy in Athens (a stroke of luck that it was conveniently located about 20 minutes walk from our hotel). It was also useful to have the 24/7 emergency number in Canada where I could call to let them know that the passport was stolen.

I still have to pack but it's a bit of a challenge to pack for one week in the mountains of Peru and a week on the beaches of Galapagos. I have started collecting some some things and I have a list of the things I need to pack but the actual packing has not really started yet. My two vaccines I got last Friday still have my left arm very sore but I am really hoping it clears up by Monday when we leave.

The one very important thing we have to be careful about is acute mountain sickness which can make or ruin a trip. The altitude in Cuzco is over 12,000 feet so the level of oxygen is less than in lower elevations. I've been told that I will feel it within 10 minutes of arriving there. The idea is to try not to move too quickly and rest for the first day. I've also read that cocoa tea is an excellent but if you think you are going to be tested for drugs when you return home, it's not a god idea to drink the tea because it's the stuff that cocaine is derived from. Since cough syrup can make me woozy, I think I may drink lots of water and rest as my antidote.

I'll post the itinerary in the next post.


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