Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Arrived in Lima

We arrived in Lima at 12:20am and cleared Immigration very quickly but had to wait a bit of time for the luggage. At least it arrived. I'm always looking carefully to make sure that my luggage arrives but I come prepared with extra change of clothes - just in case. I thought I would sleep but ended up watching two movies-  both funny - one with Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy. For a while the flight was taking a bit long but then it went very quickly.

We are now waiting for the flight to Cuzco which leaves at 5:20am. I am having to brush up really quickly on my smattering of spanish because I am sure that everyone thinks I am Peruvian. So I ordered Empanada con pollo y cafe con leche and it was exactly what we needed for a 2:30am snack. Okay, off to get some shut-eye before our next part. Then it's thin air in Cuzco. I wonder what that will fell like? I thought I was getting altitude sickness when I arrived in Lima (I had a slightly uneasy stomach as we were landing) but I think I was just hungry and needed something to eat. I am much better now.


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  1. Just to let you know I am following you and Robin, hope this trip/vacation will be the best for you both.Looking forward to see many pictures as you move along.
    Say hi to Robin for me.
    No comment on your dream,had semilar experiance also.


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