Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ecuador: Galapagos trip briefing tonight

We had our trip briefing tonight and the guide said that we'll only have internet access on the first and last day so I may not be posting for some time. The islands sound amazing with lots of wild life.

I am feeling much better tonight. Took 2 Advils and rested for another hour and finally the fever broke. We went out for dinner with some of the people who will be on the cruise with us. We are taking the 10 day cruise but some are doing only 5 days so we'll be meeting another set of people when those that are doing the 5 day cruise leave half way.

We're going to leave all our cold weather clothes at the hotel and take only one suitcase for the two of us with our warm weather gear. As long as we have sunscreen, hats, mosquito repellent and money for the park fee, we'll be fine.

Ready for bed and a 7:30am start to our next part.


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