Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Peru: Cusco; San Blas

We went to bed early last night and spent a somewhat restless night. The room was comfy but chilly so we got a heater and it may have been a bit too warm.
Woke up this morning and went for some cocoa leaf tea before breakfast. It's supposed to help with the altitude sickness but I'm still a bit headachy. We had the same breakfast as yesterday morning and then went off intending to visit some of the museums. I was so completely fascinated by the architecture of Cusco that we just walked, and walked and walked and then walked some more. It is very hilly here so it would be good training for anyone wanting to climb mountains.
Cusco street
San Blas
We went to the San Blas area which is so very interesting. I noticed that there are streets for cars and those for pedestrians. That was great because we could walk along at leisure without trying to dodge traffic. We went to the San Blas Square and sat and absorbed the surroundings. There were lots of Indigenous vendors selling mostly paintings, knits and silver jewellry on the sidewalks. And there are a number of beggars which you have to make a judgment call about whether you are going to offer money or not. The architecture is so amazing. There are huge stone walls and the cobblestone streets are so well made that you can't help but stare at every street. There are narrow ones which seem to lead to nowhere but they are interconnected to the main streets. There are many small restaurants and touristy stores but what is really interesting is that if you look past some of the obvious places and wander into some courtyards, you'll discover that most homes are built so that when you are walking the streets, it's actually the back of the house and the front faces an indoor courtyard - much like the Llipimpac Guesthouse. Some are quite beautiful and some are very basic (aka poor).

Fountain in San Blas square
Market in San Blas
After San Blas, we decided to go to a restaurant that was recommended to us by Catherine for lunch. We walked down this long street called Tullamayo and I have not seen this kind of laborious construction (must be Peruvian style) since I went to India a few years ago. The road was being constructed one wheel barrow at a time. See for yourself.

Road building - Peruvian style
The restaurant was called La Cusquenita on 227 Avenue Tullumayo and ... well let me tell you about this lunch. "Huge" barely describes what we had. The server (may be the owner) told us about the beverages and after trying shot glasses of each of chicha de jora (fermented corn drink) , fruitillada (fermented corn and strawberry drink), chicha blanco (fermented quinoa drink), and chicha morado (fermented purple corn and blueberry drink), we settled for the chicha blanco.
ONE glass of chicha blanco!
Then we ordered lunch which is the main meal here and you have to see this to believe it but here it is. This was the lamb that Robin ordered for his lunch. That was also served with some beans and corn as an appetizer before lunch arrived. The leftover was enough for dinner and then some.

ONE serving of lunch!
All this we did and it was only 1pm. I'll tell you what we did this afternoon but right now, the Internet is slow so it is taking longer to upload the pictures than it is to write! later...


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  1. Let me thank you for using some of your time to share with us your experience and exciting moments on your vacation. Many will not ever see Peru but because of your blogging I am feeling as if i am there walking the streets and getting to see the life style of other people in a different part of the world even though i know you have to be there in person to have the real experience. Glad to see Robin also, hope he is enjoying it too.


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