Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy 39 + 1 Birthday Sophie!!

So this was the big 39 + 1 birthday for Sophie and my goodness, does that make me feel old! But this is not about me.

So how do you throw a surprise party for someone when they know you are going to do it? Well, we were more clever than Sophie on this day. We planned a birthday party for her at Sharm's house last night and told her it was for family only - me and Robin, Sharm and her family and Mom. Darwin ordered Indian food and we went to Sharm's house for 5:30pm. Her friends were invited (but secret) she didn't know! So she arrived at 6 as planned while everyone was hiding out and there I was as casual as ever talking about something very trivial as she removed her coat. 

Then out sprung Hana and Breen who were hiding with the guests and as everyone came out one by one, Sophie got teary-eyed. She was indeed surprised. But the biggest surprise was to come later. She thought she was going to get a dobos torte for her birthday. That's a cake I have been making for the better part of 35 years and since I only make it on special occasions and for special people, you'd have to be a special person in my life. Over the years, I've made many of them - but like I said - only for special people celebrating special occasions. As with surprises, they are apt to go in any direction. In this case, there was no dobos torte when the cake box was opened. She said she wanted a lemon cake so that's what we got her. No dobos torte.

Her birthday is actually today and we had another surprise for her. We told her that we planned a girls day for her with the women in her family - Me, Mom and Sharm - and that she had to arrive at my home by 10am at the latest; just to make sure that she arrived on time, Sharm picked her up and brought her. She was told nothing else - just to arrive for 10am. She asked all kinds of questions be no information was forthcoming. When we arrive, I told her that she had to get into her outfit which was on my bed. It was the cutest polka dot bathrobe. Then we hired Sharm's massage therapist to give us all massages. In the meantime, I had freshly baked apple muffins, Bothwell cheddar cheese, as fresh fruit platter, coffee and a variety of teas. She had her muffin and tea and then went for her massage. We also had bath things for her to have a jacuzzi bath but she passed on that, preferring to sit by the fire I had going in the fireplace. And by the way, that's a real fire with real wood not those fake gas fireplaces.

By the time the massage was done, we laid out an assortment of tapas food - marinated spiced eggplant, stuffed artichokes, seafood salad, spicy antipasto, warmed brie, goat's cheese with cranberry, gouda, a variety of multi grain crackers and some pepper jelly that I made this summer. And of course fresh fruits - strawberries, blackberries, grapes and cherries. Can you say yummy? 

Then around 1:15pm, Sharm asked if the next visitor was going to arrive soon. That was code for the next surprise. I pretended to take the phone to make a phone call in the next room and I put the dobos torte - yes I did bake one for this auspicious occasion - on a cake pedestal and brought it to her. Man was she surprised! That was the best. We each had a good sized serving and there was still 3/4 of the cake left so I gave her some, Sharm took home some and I left some for when my grandbabies come over to visit next time.

So for all the years where Sophie didn't get a birthday party because everyone is busy with Christmas preparations or celebrations, we hope this made up for those times.
Sister Savi

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