Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Day 4, 2012
It's been a few days into the new year and I can't say I've done very much except eat and visit with family and friends and eat some more and oh yes, I did do some walking but not as much as I intended to do. Yesterday I went to visit one of my friends Adele whom I had not seen in about almost 7 years. We went for lunch and caught up on all the happenings of the last few years. After I dropped her off at work, I calculated that we have been friends for almost 47 years! That is a great deal longer than many marriages last.

Subhadra left to go home yesterday because she has to start school today. She is coming down with a cold and she said that on her way to Phoenix from Orlando, she got sick on the plane. Probably motion sickness. She arrived home close to 2am but decided that she would have to miss the first day of school because she is really not feeling well.

On the way back from the airport, I went to visit my cousin Ganesh at the rehab centre where he lives. While returning to the house we rented, we got a call saying that Eddie and Hashina were waiting at our house for us to come home. That visit lasted for a few hours. We made arrangements to come over to their house today.

We came over at lunch and Hashina made dhall, rice, spinach, okra, curried shrimp and fried fish. That was lunch! Then we discussed condensed milk and Eddie wanted to open an can so we could scarf it down but I managed to restrain myself, saying that we had just returned from a nice walk to Narine's Bakery where we bought some butter flaps, pinetarts, cheese rolls, fried channa and plantain chips. On the way back from the bakery, we had a cheese roll each. That was very delicious.

The rest of them are playing dominoes and I am feeling very sleepy. I think after my blog post, I may go out into the porch and have a nap. So far, I have not done any shopping or gone to an outlet mall or even a flea market (I love flea markets). I have to plan to do that soon. Tomorrow I have to pick up my marathon registration package which I registered for (but will not be able to do). Maybe on the way there, I'll go to the Lake Buena Vista Outlet mall. That's my day so far.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Half way into Day 1 of 2012

I promised that I would start the day doing my 5km resolution walk. Someone said that I've even given my walk a name - making a resolution like so many people do on New Year's day but don't keep them past the first month. I wish I could say that the Resolution Walk was my idea but it is from the Running Room in Canada who have been having these walks/runs for the last 27 years. I am not one for making resolutions on New Year's Day. I make a resolution when the time is right but once I do, I am determined to attain it, what ever "it" is. Exercising is not a resolution I need to make at the start of the year. I do that anyway.

Last year Sharm and I did my first winter 5k walk and if anyone knows me, they would know that although I walk a lot - and I mean a lot - I do not do winter walks outside when it's cold. I prefer to walk on the treadmill or I mapped out a circuit at the college which includes about 300 stairs. In 2010 summer Sharm asked me to do the January 1, 2011 walk and I said no, absolutely not. Then by the mid of December, her friend that she was going to do the walk with backed out and she asked me again. When I checked the forecast and it was supposed to be cold at the start of the year, I said I definitely was NOT doing the walk. I don't know what happened but the next thing I knew, I went online and signed myself up. The registration included a fluorescent orange jacket which I thought was the most hideous colour. I psyched myself up and got dressed on New Year's Day last year when the temperature and windchill was -40C and Sharm and I did the 5k walk in 47 minutes over very uneven snow-packed sidewalks. I couldn't believe that I had completed it! I was so proud of myself and didn't even mind the orange jacket that I received.

As it turned out, everyone who saw the jacket loved it. I wore it when we went to Alaska and I was easily visible to Izzy and Hana. Then I wore it on my Hawaiian bike ride down Mt. Haleakala where I was quite visible again. Mom said she was glad I was wearing it because she could always tell where I was. It turns out that the jacket is very well constructed with a mircofibre that keeps me warm in cold weather. So guess what? This year I signed up for the Running Room Resolution Walk for 2012 but since I wasn't going to be in there to complete the walk, I felt that I needed to earn the blue and black jacket that is this year's colour. So Sharm and I did a 5.5k walk today and then I went for a nice refreshing swim to cool down. The walk was very hot, made hotter because we decided to walk on the road (freshly tarred) rather than the sidewalk (which had cars blocking many of them) and finally went back on the sidewalk because the heat radiating from the road was just too hot.

This evening, the girls and their families are going to a basketball game which I declined so I will have some quiet time to work on chapter 2 of my edits. Yes I am still thinking of the work I have to do on my dissertation because I have decided that this is the year I am going to graduate and I am going to do it.  That's not really a resolution for this year since I decided last month that I was going to finish this year.

This morning Sunita and Sharm and I were talking about the gift I want to give myself as a graduation present. The only thing is, it includes them too. I want to climb Mt Kilimanjaro by the time I am 60 which is not for another two years - two years from Feb 1 (that's a subtle way of saying my birthday is going to be in exactly one month from today!). Yes back to Mt Kilimanjaro. I want to do the climb with Sharm, Sunita and Subhadra. I think that would be great to have them do it with me but if they decide that they don't want to, I want to do it anyway. That gives me a year to train, although I cannot do high altitude training on an elevation of 760 feet. Mt. Kili is 19,000 feet. It's a goal to aspire to and now that my foot is getting better, I can create a training plan to do the climb. I found a website that actually includes one. As a warm-up, it would be great to take up my friend Bonny on his suggestion that we climb of Mt Pakaraima.

Before I go, I should say a big thank you to Eddie and David and their families for spending New Year's Eve with me and my family. It's almost 20 years ago when we were here as a family - only our kids were young. Now it's our children and grandchildren and a house full of family. Everyone was playing cards and dominoes and just laughing and having fun. Then we came back to the house we are renting and lit some fireworks for the grandchildren. Sabreena was so cute. She sat on my lap and as soon as she saw the first one, she declared that it was her dream to see fireworks (and she is 4!) She said that she was so happy and then she wanted to know what Negro Day was.  I had no idea where that came from or what she was talking about so I had to ask her again what she said and why she wanted to know. Then I had to explain. I am sure most 4 year olds could care less about Negro Day but not this 4 year old.  She asks the most intelligent questions and comes up with the most amazing things - like when she told me in the pool today that we could race and then started out swimming - turning back long enough to say "Nani, you snooze, you lose". Yes, you snooze, you lose. So get up and go for a walk, run, swim, trampoline, ride, skip or anything that gets your heart racing.  


TO all my family and friends - may this year bring you all the joy, health and happiness that you deserve.

I am going to start out the year with a 5k walk. That's to remind me that I need to exercise! You can join me where ever you are.

Lots of love