Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Birthday Auntie Maggie

Auntie Maggie celebrated her 70th birthday a couple of days but her birthday party was celebrated today. I had a chance to meet some family that I had not seen for some time - Debbie and her family, Sherry and her family, Jenny's children, Pearly and her family and Auntie Doris' daughter Mary whom I had never met. She was about 3 years old when I first left Guyana. Auntie Maggie looks great for 70 as can be seen by this picture.

This is what she looked like in 1956 (I was 2 years old).

Debbie make and decorated a most beautiful three-tiered cake. The bottom later was chocolate; the middle later was red velvet, and the top layer was yellow cake which is Auntie Maggie's favourite. The cake was covered in a white fondant and there were 70 daisies which she also made - brushed with gold dust which the twins did. It was very, very impressive as can be seen by the picture.

I was so tired that I did not have any of the cake so that means that we'll have to do this birthday party celebration again - complete with a three-layered cake - just so that I can have some. How's that?


Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I did it! I did it!

Okay so most of you know that I was going to do my oral defense of my dissertation today. Well the exam lasted for three hours and the six examiners asked a number of questions. Fortunately I could answer all the questions that they asked. There weren't questions so much as an intellectual discussion about my work. Mom and Auntie Maggie went with me and Auntie Maggie said that she was amazed that when the examiners asked the questions she wanted to know how I would remember the question, let alone how I would be able to answer the questions but she said I listened with a great degree of focus and when I answered, it was like I was reading from a book - except that there was no book in front of me to read from.

The examiners said they were impressed with the quality of my work and they appreciated that there were no (or hardly any) spelling mistakes! They said that I really should publish some of the work - especially Chapter 4. They also wanted to know what this work would mean for me. I said that it's irrelevant whether the dissertation stays on a shelf in the Archives of Canada. What's important is that I do something with it so that at the end of my life, whenever that is, I would have made a difference to someone's.  life. Then my life will have mattered.