Thursday, April 12, 2012

Last set of revisions done

These are some beautiful congratulatory flowers I got from Sophie, Darwin and Romeo. They arrived a couple days ago and they look quite stunning on the foyer table. I think they'll last for some time and it's nice to come downstairs first thing in the morning to be greeted with this cheery scene.

So today I did the last set of revisions and submitted them to my supervisor. As soon as she gives me the okay, I'll be printing three more sets of my dissertation to be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Then I can feel like I am really done. I hope to get the printing done by tomorrow so I can ship them. As soon as I am done shipping the box, I'll spend some time writing about the actual exam. It was indeed a surreal experience.

Since my exam last week, everyone has been asking me how it feels to be done but honestly, I hadn't felt that I am done until I made the few minor additions that the examining committee asked me to do. They said a sentence or two should do it but I couldn't leave it at that so I went to the library and borrowed three books and read several parts of them along with 4 articles that one of the examiners sent. I then added some content beyond what they asked me to do but I feel satisfied that it's done to my liking.

Now for the rest of my life. What to do? Last year I was constantly being asked when I would be done so finally I said that I hope to be done in 2030. That shut a lot of people up. Now I am being asked "What next?". Frankly I have no idea what I'll be doing next. Maybe I'll take a long, long, long sleep. And after my hibernation, I might get some inspiration.

I am seriously considering climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. I've been looking and studying this for the last year and I am now more than seriously considering it - next year summer with my daughters if they are willing.

I think for now I'll head home and take care of this headache that I am beginning to feel. I think it might be a tension release headache because it seemed to start minutes after I hit the send button to my supervisor.