Monday, April 30, 2012

Busy last week and equally busy weekend

I thought when I finally submitted my dissertation I would have stacks of free time to do whatever I want but last week it was a busy week and by Friday evening after facilitating a day-long workshop, I was pretty mentally and physically exhausted.

On the weekend there was no rest either. Mom is moving into her new place at The Waverley this week (not sure what day exactly) but we had to go out and buy some living room furniture and a few odds and ends. That took several hours on the weekend but most of it is done. Karran and Kelsey just returned from the Cayman Islands where he was umpiring a cricket match so he'll bring his pick-up truck and we'll start moving some of the things tomorrow evening. 

The Waverley is quite a lovely place and Mom will be at no loss for things to do. They have all kinds of activities from morning to night so one would have to plan one's day very carefully so as not to get too tired by the end of the night. Some of the activities include chair exercises, yoga classes, zumba, a library club, guest speakers on many different topics, jewelry parties, knitting groups, card games, weekly outings to the art gallery, casino, shopping, banks and day trips to activities outside of Winnipeg. Mom will have no reason to complain about anything there. Dinner is provided as is telephone with long distance, cable, parking, weekly housecleaning and linen service as well as all the activities and field trips. For a very nominal $3 per day, breakfast and lunch could also be included.  

The place is so lovely and CLEAN, that I think when I get to the age where I want to be independent without having the responsibility of a house to take care of, I would consider a retirement community such as this. I hope all this goes well for Mom because living with us has been pretty lonely and isolating for her because the neighbourhood is not as accessible by bus and it is a much younger community. We are also at work all day so she is home alone for much of the time.

That's how my week is shaping up. This weekend I will be heading to Toronto for my aunt's 90th birthday. This is the first time in a long time that I will be going to Toronto without having to meet my academic advisers. This will be just to celebrate Auntie Goomtie's birthday and visit with some friends - and oh - to get my graduation pictures taken. The deadline was last Friday to have the portraits taken to be included into the wall composite for the faculty but I could not make it. I called the studio and explained that I don't live in Toronto and wasn't able to meet the deadline but I would be in town this weekend and I was lucky to talk to the person who is responsible for assembling the composite. He said that a doctoral degree is a pretty great achievement so he made an exception for me so I can have the portraits taken to be included in the graduation pictures. I did not get portraits taken for my two master's degrees nor did I attend the graduation but I was persuaded by my family and my adviser that I must attend this one. So I will. Donning the gown and sash for the pictures will make me start to feel like I am actually done.

Have a great start to your week.