Monday, May 14, 2012

Checked on my baby bunnies today...

and it looks like some kind of prey decapitated the heads of three of them. It was so sad to see their little bodies laying there on the dirt. I was afraid that this would happen because they are not sheltered at all. It's quite disturbing although I suppose this is survival of the fittest and the weakest ones are the babies. I can't really build them any protection because the mothers need to get to them. I'll keep checking on them and hope that they'll be okay until they are old enough to take care of themselves.

Happy Mother's Day

To all those mothers who worked tirelessly to raise their families and for all those men who take care of their children as a mother would do. Here is a beautiful mother's day present for me. Robin was forking the garden a few days ago and as he plunged his fork into the soil, he heard a squeak like a rubber duck. He looked down and this is what he saw! - three baby bunnies in a nest in the clear open garden. I went out to look at them and they were barely visible but today when I went back out, they had grown quite a bit already but still not big enough to be walking. Here they are with their little pointed ears.
There are actually two burrows and the other one has babies too but they are more hidden so I can't tell how many there are. The problem with having 6 babies is that I probably won't be able to plant my garden for some time because the area they are in is fenced in with chicken wire that has been pushed down with the snow over the winter and the mother bunnies got in and made their nests. When the babies are old enough to walk and run, they'll be in the fenced in area so they won't be able to leave unless we lift the chicken wire - which then makes them open to preys.

I should also mention that we have a nest of robins with 4 babies! There are also 4 mallards and the 6 doves that frequent the yard each day to feed. I know the mallards have a nest close by but I am not sure where. The yard is looking more and more like a nesting place and I have to say that although I don't really want 6 bunnies destroying my garden, I have encouraged them for the last 25 years by feeding them over the winter. I am attracting lots of other kinds of birds like the blue, yellow and red-headed blackbirds, orioles, yellow finches, lots of sparrows and red winged blackbirds. Some of the other ones I am not sure of but they are beautiful and I love waking up to their sounds in the early morning.

I hope your Mother's Day was good. Mine was very quiet - the first one where I actually felt rested and relaxed.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dad's one year pooja completed
Today we had the one year memorial service for Dad's passing. It was very small but the pandit did a good job of it. He is far different from the previous pandit - very respectful. the collage of pictures is courtesy of Sophie.
Pinda, kund with fire, flowers
The first picture is the thirteen pindas made with barley flour, ghee, honey, water and black sesame seeds. They were made as an offering for the elders that have passed on. The fire is of course for putting the ghee and samagri (incense for purifying the air) the flowers are for offering to each murti (various representations of the Creator/God/The Almighty).  Everything went well except for the copious amounts of thick black smoke that was created by a combination of very oily pine wood and ghee that was burning in the kund. but Robin and I had quite a clean-up after everyone left. There was black soot everywhere - even as far as the bathrooms upstairs. I am going to have to remove and wash all the drapes and blinds.
Now that the work is done, I can get ready for the next set of renovations which is to gut the entire kitchen and re-build it. That should start this week.