Friday, May 25, 2012

Made my 20th KIVA loan 
I posted previously about KIVA but I'm doing so again. I just made my 20th one yesterday. I started with a $125 Christmas present in 2010 from Sharm, Sunita, Subhadra and Sophie and I added $75 a few months later.  As you can see, 6 of them are completely repaid, 10 are in various states of repayment and 4 have not started yet. Here is my portfolio: Sandra's KIVA portfolio.

I choose my loans based on whether the borrower has the capacity to sustain them and grow (rather than someone perhaps needing it to repair a house) and the length of it takes them to pay it back (I choose 6 months but have lent for longer periods). I lend $25 to each borrower so that if they default, it's only $25. So far, I am happy to say that all my borrowers have been repaying on time but there is a small risk that they may not.

If you would like a KIVA Free Trial, click on the link. 

Sunrise (taken by me on Mt Haleakala) makes me think anything is possible
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My baby robins

Today I climbed up on the ladder at my back light and saw the three baby robin in the nest. A few weeks ago the parents were busy building the nest and by the time Hana and Breen came over, there were three beautiful turquoise coloured eggs. Now the babies are so big that pretty soon they'll be flying away.

Hana climbed up on the ladder today and looked at them; she put her hand over the nest and the babies probably thought that she was going to be feeding them so they opened their little mouths and snapped their beaks together in anticipation of the worm they'd be getting. But alas, there was no worm from her. The mother robin was squawking at us as if to say: "Stay away from my babies!" I'll be checking them every day but I'd give them another week and they'll be gone.

All the baby bunnies were killed. I guess some predator must have found their nest. First it was three, and the next day it was the other three. When I found the nests empty I got an instant stomach ache. The worst part was watching the mothers look for their babies for the next two days. They scratched every part of that garden looking and I felt so bad.

The baby robins will at least bring some smiles until they go out into the big world and have to fend for themselves. In the meantime, I'll be watching them.