Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Beach morning; afternoon siesta; Rooftop dinner under the stars

We had a great start to our day. Zaman, Bena and I got up, made ourselves a cup of coffee each and headed to the seawall about 7:30am. Zaman took his Kobo and sat by the beach reading and Bena and I went for a long walk along the seawall and when the wall ended, we joined the sidewalk. It took us about an hour to go and come back.

We had our showers and the four of us had breakfast outside our room in the courtyard area. We had some freshly squeezed orange juice,  yogurt, fresh papaya and some power blend cereal that Bena brought with her, coffee and a bun and some cheese from the Oaxaca region. The hotel does not have a restaurant so all the food we are eating is bought and prepared by us in our room.

Bena and I went off to the North Beach for a couple of hours of swim, sand and sun. Then back to the hotel for another shower and off we went to the market where there are some lovely little restaurants that serve breakfast and lunch. I like to go to Alexa and Geovanny's. We all had chicken quesadillas and tamarind drinks for lunch with a big bowl of guacamole. Then it was back to the hotel for a siesta.

This evening we went to buy some tours for Chichen Itza for Bena and Zaman for tomorrow. Robin and I already went so we are going to hang out at the beach tomorrow while they go off on their little adventure which is about 12 hours to go and return. We also bought tickets for the four of us to go to Isla Contoy which is a biodiverse bird and turtle sanctuary about 28 kms from Isla Mujeres by boat. That will be a full day activity as well.  We booked a massage for each of us for Saturday.

This evening, we were deciding where to go for dinner so we checked out a couple of places. There are many good places to eat so the hardest decision to make each day is where to eat. And there seems to be several more new places since we were last here two years ago. We finally decided on a little place that sells grilled meat in a pita. The smell was so yummy when we were passing that we decided on that place but Bena had a great idea. She said that we should buy the pitas and take it back to the hotel for a rooftop dinner. The Carmelina has an open rooftop where they hang out laundry during the day but is  great place to be stargazing at night. So we bought our pitas and I made a huge bowl of fresh guacamole and we took that and some chips, wine, beer and orange juice (for me) and had a wonderful feast under the stars.

Bena and Zaman have now retired to their room for the night because they have a 6:30am start to their day tomorrow. I think I am now ready for a cup of green tea and bed. It's been a long relaxing day and more of the same tomorrow.


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