Thursday, February 07, 2013

Is it Wednesday or Thursday?

Hard to keep track of the days when you have nothing to do. Well almost nothing. I had to think of what I wanted for breakfast and then I had to decide if I wanted to stay at the beach for an extra hour or two. Tough decisions.
Sorry for any typing mistakes in these posts. The spell check in not working and I don't want to spend a lot of time checking typing mistakes.
Yesterday Bena and Zaman went to Chichen Itza  for the day. They had to leave Isla on the 6:30am ferry to get the bus at Puerto Juarez in Cancun. We already went there a few years ago with Mike and Joan so we didn't want to do a return trip. They said the experience was great and they learned a lot.
Robin and I stayed at the hotel and after moving rooms (I have a particular room I like and requested but it's occupied so we are in the one next door and Bena and Zaman are two doors down from us. I worked on my manuscript edits from Arlene (aren't you proud of me Arlene that I am working on my vacation)? I finished all of it. Robin is doing his edits so I'll have some more to do when he is done. He suggested that the Foreword is too long so I've now separated it into a Foreward and an Introduction. I still have to write an Afterword since the manuscript does not seem to be complete. I'll work on that soon.
In the evening, we went to the ferry terminal to wait for them but we saited from 6:30pm till 8pm and they didn't arrive so we went off to La Negrita (almost a hole in the wall). Manuel remembered us and greeted us warmly. We had guacamole and tortilla chips, two extra large glasses of sorrel drinks (yummy for those of you who are Guyanese) that they call Jamaica (pronounced Ham-ai-ca). Then we had a whole fried fish (grouper) which was absolutely delish with some fresh lime juice and fresh salsa piquante with lots of cilantro and my absolute favourite - fried half-ripe plantains. Dinner cost us a whole $20 for two people including tips! The food was so good that alas, I had to pass on a slice of leche flan (similar to a creme caramel) or some Churros. When we returned to the hotel, we saw Bena's room light but they had come back and gone out for dinner. They arrived back a bit later and we had a chat before retiring for the night.
This morning I got up and went for a 90 minute walk. It was blistering hot by the time I returned and it took about an hour for the redness in my face to subside. I continued to glisten (the women in our family DO NOT sweat; we glisten) for several hours. We had a light snack of fruit, yogurt and coffee and then went off to Alexa's for a full breakfast of omlettes and fried plantains - again! The breakfast cost us about $22 for the four of us. Then it was off to the beach till around 3pm. Shower, dress and find a place for dinner (we had some snacks on the beach but no lunch). It seems all we are doing is eating but the fruits are so good, that it's hard not to think about eating all the time.
We'll try a different restaurant tonight but it's hard to decide where to go when there are so many good ones to choose from. Pretty well all of the restaurants serve wonderful food so you can buy a nice dinner for $30 per person or you can try what looks like a non-descript place and have the same great food for $30 for four people. We're choosing the $30 for 4 people option and using our money in other ways. Tomorrow we are going to Isla Contoy which is how I prefer to use my money. Then on Saturday it's an hour's massage on the beach. Yeah. This is doable. 


  1. It looks like your vacation is going the way you plan it and you and your group is really enjoying every moment of it.
    My regards to all.

  2. Of course I'm proud of you, Sandra!


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