Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Almost ready for my journey of faith to the Azores

I leave tomorrow at 8:00am from Winnipeg and arrive in Lisbon on Wednesday. It shouldn't take that long to get from Winnipeg to Lisbon but I have an 8 hour layover in Toronto and then another 5 hour layover from Frankfurt to Lisbon. So all together I will spend more than half a day sitting in an airport.

I think I'll have to have a lot of faith on this trip because SATA Airlines is supposed to go on strike on May 2, 3, and 4. May 3 is the day we're travelling from Lisbon to Ponta Delgada. We are being accompanied by a Catholic priest and most of the people on the trip are Catholics so they'd better be saying a lot of prayers.

In any event, I am going to make the best of the trip - whether I spend the first week in Lisbon or I get to go to the Azores.

Here are some links to the places I'll be visiting:
I'll be blogging from wherever I am so keep checking daily for my posts.


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