Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Journey of faith has started...

Left Winnipeg this morning right on time with Air Canada. Apparently they have the worst departure and arrival times of 27 major airlines but this morning they left right on schedule and arrived right on schedule. This is a good start to the journey of faith - the plane departed on time and arrived at the first destination.
I am now sitting at Pearson International Airport bored out of my mind and I still have 6.5 hours to go! Now I just have to find something to amuse myself. Oh, I know. I am wearing a pedometer so I'll try to do my 10,000 steps before boarding the plane. That should keep me occupied for about an hour and a half. And to challenge myself, I'll wear my backpack (have no choice really since there is no one else here that I know so far). My friend Rosa is arriving at 2pm and her friend Augusta who travelled with me from Winnipeg met her son for lunch in Toronto. That's what I should have done - met some of my renegade friends for lunch and possibly dinner. Thought about it and decided against doing that. So, yes, I will walk around with my 15 lb backpack which will be good training for my Kili climb.

I'll also spend some time reading some course materials for the Course Development online course I will be teaching starting June 3. I will be teaching Course Implementation to the teachers in Winkler starting May 24 but fortunately, I am already finished revising and posting the course materials into the online course shell. I wanted to get that done before this trip so I didn't have to feel rushed when I get back. Since I am also going to Washington just after my return from Portugal and my starting to teach this course, there would have been no time to prep. Then I committed to teaching the online course so I'm going to try to review all the course materials by the time I arrive in Lisbon. Then I'll know for sure that I can enjoy the sights/sites without any pressure. And to think these are not my full-time jobs. This is what I do in my spare time!

So I'll leave you now to go do my 8,178 remaining steps.


Update @ 4:30pm. Did 12,000 steps so I';m good for today. Maybe another 1,000 before we get on the plane. I selected a seat in the centre part of the plane and the seats beside me were not yet selected. Hope I have a vacant seat beside me so I can have a bit more room tonight. Tata...

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