Saturday, May 04, 2013

Lisbon, Portugal: Museum, Cintra, Cascais, Cabo De Roca

This morning, Rosa and Augusta went to a church we found last night not far from the hotel called Our Lady of Fatima. The mass was supposed to be at 9am and we were to meet at 10 to go to the museum but when I got there, mass was actually starting at 10:30 so Augusta went for a coffee and visit with her niece and Rosa and I went to a fabulous museum. There were some amazing coins, paintings, carvings, sculptures, furniture, murals, tiles and just about everything beautiful.

 We had another great lunch courtesy of SATA Airlines (covering our meals and accommodations while their staff is on strike). Then it was off at 2pm with our guide from yesterday - Teresa. We decided last night that we should take advantage of the time we are in Lisbon (instead of the Azores) and do some sightseeing. Today was not on the original itinerary but it was a good day, nevertheless.
We went to Cintra which is a small town about 45 minutes North of Lisbon. There was a palace tour but I didn't go. Instead, I spent a good hour and a half hiking up the mountain and down in the valley where there is a lush garden and about 200 stairs to go down. As I was descending, I thought how easy it was and it occurred to me that eventually I would have to go up the same two hundred stairs. It was not as bad as I imagined it to be; must have been all those 600-800 stairs I am doing each day at lunch. I can imagine that people living in Cintra must be really fit because you cannot go anywhere without having to climb a ramp or stairs. I don't know how people in wheelchairs would manage living in this city.

We left Cintra for Cascais where it is said that there are more millionaires and royalty than there are properties that can accommodate them. Real estate prices are in the millions of Euros - nothing I could afford. It is right on the ocean and the really expensive houses overlook the ocean. Quite stunning really.

Then we went to Cabo de Roca for a picture - just to prove that we were standing on the Western-most point of continental Europe. It's a place with that as it's only claim to fame. 

Then it was back to the hotel for another delicious meal. The chef makes wonderful meals which is a surprise really because you expect hotel restaurants to be not very good. I had red fish for dinner. They always have some fish/seafood and meat (chicken, pork, beef) so it's easy to find something to eat, even for those on special diets. I was tired so I wrote my blog and my frustration with slow Internet connection means that I am going to bed now.


  1. Yes, some of us are reading your blog. I really enjoyed the photos of Lisbon, especially the laundry photo. (I take photos of laundry hanging out whenever I can.) It certainly sounds like you are making the most of change in itinerary!
    - Brent

  2. I love taking pictures like the laundry scene and I really appreciate the comments. Makes me feel like I am not talking to myself!


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