Thursday, May 02, 2013

Now in Lisbon

We left Toronto at 6:50pm and arrived in Frankfurt at about 9am - 25 minutes longer than we expected to because we had quite a bit of turbulence - almost an hour. Dinner was late being served because of that so by the time that was done and cleaned up, it was another hour and they were serving a light breakfast. You know what that meant - that there was no time to sleep really. We had a 4.5 hour layover and then it was on to Lisbon. While waiting, we found out that SATA Airlines is on strike starting today. Very disappointing because everyone spent a lot of money to come here. Even a priest as part of the trip did nothing to ensure that there would be no strike.
We got into the bus and Elda (the lady leading the tour) spoke to the people at SATA. They said that they are guaranteeing us a flight on Sunday evening, hotel accommodations for the next two nights and all meals to be covered. Well, that's the least they could do but I suppose that they could say that they will do nothing. That would have been bad!
We arrived at our hotel and it is very nice. Rosa and Augusta and I went for a long walk and came back and I had a nice shower and got dressed for dinner. We had a lovely dinner and my favourite thing was on the menu - salted cod fish pie. I almost wanted to stuff myself but then I thought about being here for 2 weeks and I would likely get more to eat.
I am going to hit the sack and have a good night's sleep. I am soooo tired. I hope the others are not snorers or someone is going to wake up with a sock in her mouth!
Hotel room

Augusta & Rosa

Statue in downtown Lisbon

Sculptures in downtown Lisbon

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