Thursday, May 09, 2013

Spain: Santiago de Compostela 

I got up and from the balcony of my bedroom it was a foggy morning in Braga with the mist seeming to roll up from the valley way below us. A good way to start the day. It was so quiet except for the songbirds outside my window. The room had windows on three sides so where ever I looked, it was a priceless view. The picture below was just one of them.

We had a good breakfast and headed off for the two hour drive to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The good thing about the European Union is that we do not have to do the passport check every time we enter and leave one or the other of the EU countries and rather than having to carry multiple currencies, the Euro is accepted in all the EU countries.
Some pilgrims do the 780 kilometre "Way of Saint James" walk to arrive at the destination but fortunately for us, we had a bus and didn't have to go as many kilometres. It would have been worth it though, just for the architecture inside and outside of the church.


The more important reason that Catholics do the pilgrimage though is St James the apostle to Christ is buried here.
There was a 12pm mass at the church which was supposed to be an auspicious occasion.After that, we had some time to walk around and then it was off to go back to Braga for the night. The church without the shroud of fog looked quite pretty by night all lit up with flood lights. 
It was another long but fruitful day but I am tired so off to bed.

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