Thursday, August 08, 2013

50th KIVA Loan - Yeah!

Today I made my 50th KIVA loan. In total since January 2011, I have loaned $1,475. This is with an investment of $200 which is being loaned and repaid by the borrowers so I can relend. I am very satisfied that in a small way, these micro-loans are helping people to achieve a better live. I am also happy to see that 9 loans were also made by people who I invited to lend. 
I am putting out a general invitation to anyone reading this blog, that if you would like to try out KIVA without risk, you can click on my link at KIVA to sign up  for an initial $25 that they will lend to you to re-lend to someone else. You'll get updates on how your borrower is doing and after the loan is paid back to KIVA, you can then start doing your own loans.
You can help to change someone's life with only a few mouse clicks.

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