Monday, September 23, 2013

Tanzania: 2 weeks & 2 days to departure; very long packing list

The countdown is on and the packing list is growing ever longer. We are packing for an 8-day climb, a 4 day safari and a 4 day beach holiday. Fortunately, we can leave the things we only need for the safari and Zanzibar at a storage facility (likely the hotel) until we return from the climb. The challenge will be to keep our weight for the climb to a maximum of 15 kg. (33 pounds). There is no place to buy anything that we forget so we have to be strategic in how we pack.
Sunita and I will be sharing a 3-person tent (enough space for our luggage and sleeping bags) so we'll likely try not to duplicate things. So here is the list so far and I've also included some links to gear that I have used.  

Day pack (use labelled Ziploc bags to separate items into categories)
  • Rainwear / cold weather wear
  • Camera and spare battery (in Ziploc bag)
  • Passport, immunization papers, insurance, tickets, money, itinerary with emergency #s, Health Care Directive (in a Ziploc bag)
  • Money for tipping (in separate Ziploc bag stored in passport Ziploc)
  • Face sunscreen (high SPF), lip balm, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, water purification tablets, insect repellant (in Ziploc bag), anti-itch cream, toilet paper, face tissue, quick dry face cloth 
  • Snacks - light weight, high calorie high energy e.g. dried fruit, granola, candies (not chocolate)(in Ziploc bag)
  • Prescription meds in original containers (malaria, Cipro, Diamox), vitamin C, Gravol, laxative, anti-diarrhoeal (Pepto-Bismol), Benadryl, aspirin, Advil, water purification tabs (in labelled Ziploc bag)
  • Medical first aid kit w. antiseptic wipes, iodine swabs, Band-Aids, polysporin, crazy glue
  • Maps, pencil, notebook (in Ziploc bag)
  • Sun hat, sunglasses, binoculars, whistle (optional)
  • Walking poles
  • Watch with alarm

Clothing (use labelled plastic bags; store in a large garbage bag to keep DRY)
Technical clothing
Outer Layer - +Columbia Waterproof jacket (for any/all days
Outer Layer - Waterproof pants (breathable if possible) for any/all days
Mid Layer-1 pair ski pants for summit night (1:00am of day 7)
Mid Layer - 1 (+Sherpa) down coat (750 fill if possible) for days 5-7 
Mid Layer - 1 moisture wicking, windproof, +Running Room breathable jacket for Days 2-
Mid Layer - 1 pair +Running Room wind pants
Mid Layer - 1 pair fleece pants for day 6 & 7
Mid Layer - 2 +Merrell's convertible hiking pants for days 1-5, 8
Base layer - 1 moisture-wicking long underwear top and bottom for days 5-7 including summit night
Base layer - 2 +Running Room long sleeve shirt - moisture wicking for days 2-7
Base layer - 1 +Running Room short sleeve moisture wicking shirt (light weight)
Base layer - 3 sports bra (moisture wicking like +Exofficio)  
Base layer - 6-10 pairs underwear (moisture wicking like +ExOfficio)
Sleeping clothing and gear
1 long underwear top and bottom (only for sleeping)
4-season sleeping bag (we can rent for $35)
Sleeping bag liner (for hygiene and extra warmth)
Sleeping mattress / mat
1 pee bottle (if you don't have a private toilet)
Travel pillow, eye mask
Bandana or sunhat
Warm hat or balaclava
Good comfortable hiking boots with spare laces
Runners/sandals ( for evenings) 
3 pairs of medium weight socks (wool or synthetic)
2 pairs of thick socks (wool, synthetic)
Hand wear
Light gloves, warm gloves 
Waterproof duffel bag to hold max. 30 lbs)
Various size plastic bags to keep gear dry and separate
Head Torch and hand torch with extra batteries 
Comb, brush, toothbrush, toothpaste
Biodegradable shampoo/body wash, baby wipes (200+), unscented lotion
Microfibre bath and face towels
Toilet paper, panty liners, duct tape
First aid kit (Tiger Balm, foot cream, lip balm, cough drops, Cold & Flu meds, Oil of oregano, gum, 
Safety pins, tweezers, nail clippers, duct tape, small mirror, Swiss army knife
Ear plugs, dust mask
6 set of hand warmer packs (good for at least 10 hours) 
Electronics (iPod, MP3), batteries, chargers, adapters, converters
Music, reading material, playing cards
4-6 large garbage bags, small garbage bags
Safari & Zanzibar (modest clothes for Muslim country; avoid anything sleeveless and short)
Pants, capris, longer skirts 
Light weight long sleeve shirt to wear over t-shirt, T-shirts, shirts
Beachwear & sarong
Light sweater/shawl (for evenings)

So what is all this costing? Hard to say because I had some things already. Others I had to buy. If you don't have some of these things, they can be rented at Kili at a nominal cost of about $200-300.


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