Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tanzania: Just over 3 weeks and counting...

I went to the Travel Health clinic this morning to check for any meds and immunizations that I will need for the trip. I had a series of immunizations last year to add to my ever growing list so today I thought I would get off with no more needles. Not so. I had to get an adult booster shot for polio. Although Tanzania is not on the list for polio, other countries in Africa are so it's better to be safe than sorry. Then I had to get a prescription for Mefloquine for malaria. I took this when I went to Botswana with no serious side effects but some of them are: feeling sick to your stomach, dizziness, mood changes, insomnia, headaches and diarrhea.
The nurse also gave me information on rabies, polio, altitude sickness, dengue fever, chikungunya fever (spread through mosquito bites) and schistosomiasis (parasites caused by worms). As if that list did not scare me enough, I asked about China and was given information on polio (in China), tick-borne encephalitis, ciguatera (caused by poison found in such reef fishes as snapper) and Japanese encephalitis.
I have a sore arm as I usually do when I get a vaccine but I should be okay in a day or two.
I've started assembling my various bags from several closets and now have now spread the items out in one of the spare bedrooms. I had a great list for packing by the day but after trying that, I realize that it won't work. I will need to pack by clothing type - socks in one bag, underwear in another, headwear in another, base layers in another and so on. I've got some of the bags labelled and will continue as I get more packing done.
I asked about a toilet rental on the trip because with 5 women, it may make us feel more comfortable to have that privacy when needed. I'm also checking on a specific menu. I'm feeling more comfortable each day that our planning is paying off.

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