Friday, September 27, 2013

Tanzania: Learning to tie my laces; malaria meds; water purification

I belong to the About Walking listserve and there was a great article on how to tie my laces to prevent heel slippage. I have a narrow heel and small ankles but a wider foot at the front so since I will be doing 40km of downhill walking on the trek, it would be a good idea for me to start using a lace tying technique which will prevent my toes from hitting the front of my boots on the descent.
I took my malaria meds last night for the first time and I had a good night's sleep; that's a good thing. I also tried the water purification tablets (minus the neutralizer because the package I have did not include one [I obviously picked up a package with a missing bottle). The water had an aftertaste but it was not really unpleasant. I'm not sure if I'd feel the same way after drinking 3 litres of it for 6-7 days. This morning I had another 8-oz. glass with 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar (because I drink this every morning) and there was virtually no aftertaste. I will get another package with the neutralizing tablets but I think I'll be fine.
It's now afternoon and I have a headache. It could be that I had a few long days this week with less than restful sleep for a couple nights. It could also be the malaria meds that can cause headaches. It could be that may body is adjusting to the purified water. It could be that I only had a salad at lunch and I may be hungry. Or it could be that it's just a headache not attributable to any of those reasons. Only thing is, I haven't had a headache for a few years.
I have my last evening hike for the season tonight with the +Prairie Pathfinders and then there is a wiener roast and bonfire. It's supposed to rain but with any luck, it'll start after the event. Maybe the event will make my headache go away. I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every hike I've been on with the group and intend to do many more next year. I loved discovering trails in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

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