Friday, October 11, 2013

Tanzania: Kilimanjaro Climb Gear Rental and Briefing Day

We had a good night's sleep last night but still adjusting to the time change of 8 hours (9 for the Albertans) so we had an early start. We went down to the hotel's restaurant for breakfast which included juice, fresh fruit (bananas, papayas and oranges),eggs (any style so we each had a Spanish omelette) with grilled tomatoes, sausages (we didn't have those because they were wieners) toast, jam, butter, peanut butter and Kilimanjaro coffee with hot whole milk (yummy!). I loooove hot milk and if I could manage it, I prefer whole milk but I only have it as a treat and not as a regular part of my diet.
We checked out the hotel's pool which looked fabulous but we didn't use it today because we'd have to take wet bathing suits with us up the mountain and if it doesn't dry, it will be mouldy wet bathing suits. The hotel also has lovely gardens with some very interesting flora.


We had our briefing with Nadir and our Lead Guide Godfrey and Assistant Guide Honest. We speculated about whether we heard incorrectly and it was Ernest, but it was really Honest. Godfrey told us what to expect tomorrow at the start of our climb. It's getting more real as each hour passes.

We walked over to Mauly Tours and rented what additional gear we needed. Then we took a short walk around some of the streets in Moshi including the double road (the major road in Moshi).

 Then it was a short rest, dinner and bed. Tomorrow we are supposed to leave at 10:00am for the Marangu Gate to purchase the permit to climb. I'd say to wish us luck but at this stage, we don't need luck. We need stamina.


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