Friday, October 18, 2013

Tanzania: Moshi (Should have been Kilimanjaro Day 7 & 8)

 We are back in Moshi and glad to be clean again. We each had a long shower last night and washed some of our clothes but we each have a duffel bag full of very dusty clothes so we soaked quite a bit of it in the bathtub last night and decided to wash them today and hang them on the railings outside. Of course we did not factor that this is Moshi and everything - and I mean everything - is dusty. And that includes anywhere we might think of hanging clothes to dry.
What that meant is that we first had to wipe the areas off that we intended to hang the clothes; then we hung them on half walls and banisters; then we picked them up off the ground when the heavy winds came and blew them off. Then we got clever and anchored the clothes - not with clothespins. No. That would be too easy. We used a bunch of bananas (see below), a book and several bottles of water. You must have heard the expression: "Necessity is the mother of invention." I am not sure that many people have or will in the future use a bunch of bananas to dry clothes but hey, we're being creative.


We each had a great massage which the hotel staff offered to arrange for us at USD $40 each but Sunita knows someone who lives in Moshi and has a massage therapist who came to the hotel and charged us USD $20 each. We are beginning to find out that we have the big tourist sign on our head that reads: $$$$$$$.
Prior to leaving for the climb, we left a small bag of laundry with Mauly Tours to be dry cleaned. Yesterday we picked it up and to our shock, the bill was USD $21. When I say it was a small bag, it was a very small bag - about a small plastic grocery bag. I don't think I would have paid half as much in Canada so to say I grossly overpaid was understating the obvious. The rate at the Parkview Inn - which I expected to be inflated by at least 50% as hotels generally are - was about one third of the price that we paid to Mauly Tours. And the massage at $40 instead of the $20 each that we paid was just another example of gouging the tourist.
We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, sitting on the top deck of the hotel and enjoying the view of the beautiful jacaranda trees with a treetop carpet of mauve/purple flowers.
Jacaranda trees

The pool looked very inviting but we didn't use it because we'd end up with wet bathing suits which we have to pack wet to leave tomorrow for our safari.

We had a great dinner of the usual - butter chicken, naan and saag paneer. Why do I say "the usual?" Well, we ordered the same thing several meals in a row so that the server came this time and simply asked if we wanted that again. We burst out laughing and had a tasty dinner. We watched the full moon for a while waiting for the lunar eclipse to happen but I was not certain of the exact time of the eclipse so we went to bed without seeing it. The sky was lit up though, just from the light of the full moon.

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