Thursday, October 24, 2013

Zanzibar: Spice Tour, Stone Town

We did a spice tour but I don't know the name of the plantation. I went to one when I was in Indonesia so this was again familiar territory.
The guide gave us a young breadfruit to taste but I've never eaten it young and raw so I didn't taste it. It's not usually eaten raw so I am not sure why he was giving us to taste. It's like tasting a raw plantain. Not anything like the cooked version. The pictures below speak for themselves. After the tour we saw a demonstration of climbing a coconut tree. Then it was off to one of the tents to taste some fresh fruit. This was a prelude to the spice counter where vendors were selling several spices in overpriced packages. Yes we are the proverbial tourists who will pay for the overpriced spices just because....
All together we spent over USD $100 in spices.

Young breadfruit 

Bling-bling (sourie)

Black pepper

Bird pepper

Tree scaffolding
Young cloves

Fresh turmeric

Cardamom flower

Cardamom flower
Village house
Candy man Abbi

Village house

Village house
Coconut trunk bench

Mud walls of hut

Fresh nutmeg (with red lacy mace)

 Sunita the STAR (fruit)

Cardamom flower

Villager collecting wood to sell

Young pineapple

Lemon grass
Donna enjoying some coconut water

Flower girls

I think this was an engagement!

We arranged with our taxi driver Ali to drop us off in Stone Town so we could have lunch and then he would pick us up at 2:30pm. I suppose there was no point in going back to the hotel to hope for a fare so he waited for us right where he dropped us off.

Wiring in Stone Town
Then it was back to the hotel for a swim and for Donna and Donna to have some lunch (shopping kept them busy during lunch).

Donna and Donna enjoying some pizza poolside

My big toe providing evidence that I was poolside

Another glorious Zanzibar sunset
We had a little siesta and headed to the sports bar for dinner. Dinner took a long time coming - even longer than the usual 45 minute wait as we were becoming accustomed to. When it finally arrived, the server must have misunderstood what we ordered because there were 7 dinners for the 6 of us and we had actually only ordered 4 to share. I felt terrible but the meals were so huge that 4 was enough for all of us.
Very shortly after the server took the food back to the kitchen, the cook came out and asked if there was a problem. We said there was no problem except that the server misunderstood our order. He apologized profusely and said that the server was new and his English was not so good. Better than my Swahili but not good enough for serving. It was an eventful night to say the least.

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