Saturday, November 23, 2013

China: Shenyang

I had an opportunity this weekend to visit a couple of museums: the 9:18 museum and the provincial museum.
I found the 9.18 museum quite a lesson in history for me. I am not well versed in the history of World War II. Living in North America, I suppose I learned the North American version - that the war started in Europe and by 1941, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour, the Americans were drawn into the war. But after visiting the 9.18 museum, I have another perspective on that historical period.
Walking through the museum is emotionally difficult because it shows how the Japanese invaded Northern China including Shenyang in 1931. It was a bloody and ruthless invasion and some of the graphics and objects were hard to look at.
Front of museum

Torture drum with spikes inside

There was a sign as I was exiting that said something like: "If you forget suffering, suffering will knock at your door again." This is so true but we keep forgetting because why else would there be war and worse, civil war where we kill our own people? Some of the images hanging on the walls were so graphic that it seemed improper to take pictures. So I did not. The images displayed the cruelty that people can induce on others.
We then went off to the cultural museum which made me really appreciate the history of China. The artifacts were quite amazing - jade vases and other ornaments and many different types of currency.

All the pictures below are types of currency used in ancient China.

The structure below is called a dolmen and although the function is not entirely known, it is suggested that it may have been a burial and sacrifice site or perhaps one's social position during the bronze period. They were usually built on hills so that they had a good view of the surrounding area. The whole structure is made of stone including the roof!
Then it was off to lunch and tea tasting at a mall that had many, many stores of just tea shops. It was hard to decide which store to stop at but we finally picked one and enjoyed the taste of several teas including chrysanthemum tea. The young lady preparing the tea was as gracious a host as we could ask for and we had a lovely time sampling.

Tea tasting

Cooked chicken backs

Cooked chicken feet

Cooked chicken necks

Cooked pig's testicles

Cooked silkworms

Cooked silkworm

Cooked worms


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