Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last night of our glorious vacation

Our last full day and it was such a relaxing day. Bena and I went for a long walk to Colonia which tooks us about 80 minutes there and back. We then had a great breakfast of fish and bread and fruits and a couple cups of coffee.

We went for a massage at 10:30 and spent the rest of the afternoon until about 3pm then came back to the hotel and had a light lunch. We had good conversations about spirituality, ghosts, premonitions, death, dying, regrets, loss, the creator, something greater than us, God, feelings... As you can see, the conversation was deep.

Now it's time for a glass of wine (for the others) and juice for me We found a good restaurant that we have not yet tried so we'll go there tonight. Tomorrow morning we leave at 8:30am for our 12pm flight back home. It's been a great 10 days and I am now ready to get back to work - well next week - but ready to get back.

So long Isla and so long great food and sand and surf and beaches and long morning walks - for now.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday and the going is good

How quickly a week flies by when you're having fun. I have not been this relaxed in a long time! On Friday the four of us went to Isla Contoy for the day. It's about 28kms from Isla but we first had to go to Cancun to pick up some additional passengers.
The captain sailed close to Isla Contoy and stopped for some snorkelling at the coral reef. I jumped in the water but it was a bit rough so I came back in the boat. The others three did not go into the water. We arrived at the island and promptly found a palapa (a permanent thatched roof beach umbrella) and spent the next hour tanning and resting.
Then it was a wonderful lunch of grilled chicken, tic-n-xic fish, guacamole, tortilla chips, rice and salad and then fresh fruit of pineapple, watermelon and bananas for dessert. Then the tour guide took us on a tour of the island. After the Galapagos Islands, this was a pale comparison. We saw some frigate birds (see Galapagos post from October 2012) but sadly, they were not as impressive. Same species - just not as many and not in various stages of courtship.
Then it was back to Isla around 3:30pm – just in time for an afternoon siesta and out for dinner. I don’t even remember what we had but it was good as all the meals we’ve had so far.
Saturday we went to the North Beach for our massages. Bena and Zaman had theirs at 10:30am then we went off to lunch and back to the beach for ours at 1:30. After that, it was the rest of the day at the beach because after a beach massage, you don’t much feel like doing anything. So let me tell you about the beach massage. The tables are set up outside on the beach with a shelter over the top so the sun does not beat down on you and you just lay there with the ocean breeze cooling your skin while the therapist works on you tired muscles – leg muscles that had been overused during the 5 minute walk to the beach and the arm muscles - overused from holding up a refreshing coconut to your mouth. Then it was the jaw muscles - overused from having to chew and swallow all that good food. Am I making you wish you were here?
Yesterday we rented a golf cart (you can’t rent a car here) and we went around the island – first to Sac Bajo and then to Playa Lanchero for a snack of a huge plate of nachos and chicken and fish for lunch and of course some beach time. We left there about 2pm and went to Garrafon Park and to the Temple of Ixchel at Punta Sur. We came back to the Centro to freshen up and go to La Negrita for fried fish and plantains for dinner.
I don’t think I mentioned this but Carnival is going on right now. It started on Friday night and goes till tomorrow night. A huge stage is set up in the zocola (square) and there is entertainment starting from 10pm and going till 3 or 4 am – every night! And during the evening before the stage gets going, the performers go around town in trucks and stop anywhere they like – on the street, in courtyards – anywhere – and do a few dances and move onto the next place. So music is blaring from early afternoon till early morning. Lent starts on Wednesday so the carnival has to be done before that.
That’s been my week so far. Judging from what I have been doing, you can also surmise what I have NOT been doing and that’s writing my Afterword for my book. I have a few ideas but so far, no writing. I should start soon… yeah… soon….snore…snore………..