Friday, March 15, 2013

Finishing one project; moving to another

I have not posted for a while for reasons most of you can identify with. I came back from my Mexican vacation, had a few more days of R and R and ploughed right back into work. Beside my full-time job, I was teaching a course in the teacher education program at the college. I finished that on Wednesday and I'll be spending my weekend marking papers - that is - between glasses of fresh ginger beer that my mom made today.

My students gave me a most beautiful card with some wonderful sentiments. They also gave me a gift card for a liquor store. Most of you probably know that I don't drink alcohol so it was quite funny to get a card for booze. I told them that I won't be tempted to use the card before I mark the final assignment because if I do, I will be sleeping under the table after the first sip or two and no assignments will be marked. Same effect with cough syrup or anything that suggests that it will cause drowsiness. For me that means I sleep for several hours. So note to friends who are inviting me to a party  - DO NOT serve me alcohol or I'll be sleeping through the party. Then again, I won't drink if I want to have fun.

I'm heading out to Edmonton next weekend to see my daughters and my grandchildren. The grandbabies don't know that I am coming so it will be a nice surprise. I've been Facetiming Izabel for the last two months. We both got an iPod Touch for Christmas so I was Facetiming her during my Mexican vacation. My plan is to do that when I arrive at the Edmonton airport (she and Sunita will be picking me up) as she is walking toward me.

When I get to Edmonton, Sunita and I will spend the weekend planning our Kilimanjaro climb and subsequent safari and beach time in Zanzibar. I think April will be relatively quiet with work and travel so that will give me some time to finish the edits for my manuscript and get it to the publisher and some time to get ready for my trip to the Azores and Portugal at the beginning of May. 

I have some other travel plans which I will post later.  

Have a great weekend.