Friday, March 29, 2013


We had a great breakfast of saltfish and homemade buns, fresh fruits and a cake made by Sophie. And of course Sharm had to wear the "now famous" birthday hat. See for yourself.

Love mom

Monday, March 25, 2013

Can I just say....?

... I am a very proud Naani!

I visited my grandbabies on the weekend in Edmonton and I was so excited to see them at the airport but Sunita was the only one there. There was a snow storm when I arrived an hour late but that was the least of the worries there. The highway from the airport was closed by the police and people were told to drive at their own risk but if they were stuck, the police or two trucks would not be coming. Since we had to get home, Sunita drove very careful at about 60km/hour (normal speed is 110km/h) and we made it home in about 30 mins.

Others were not so lucky. There was a 100 car pile-up and about as many people injured but luckily we missed that. The snow was at least a foot high on the deck and the roads into many communities were virtually impassible. We made it home and stayed on for the rest of the night.

On Saturday, Subhadra and I went to a framer's market where I bought some very nicely scented sweet grass body lotion only to realize after that I would not be able to bring it home because it was over the amount that I could bring on my carry-on luggage. Then we went to Ronin's Tae-Kwan-Do school to see him at his classes. He was testing for his yellow belt and he passed! He was so serious when he was doing his routine. And he was so cute!! He is only five but the teacher says he is a little "natural" when it comes to this.

After the test, the teacher gave him a more complicated routine to start practicing and he remembered all of it. We came home and he was smiling all afternoon.

On Sunday afternoon, he and Izzy went to their final ski lessons for the season and they passed that too. I am not sure what they do but they are quite the little athletes.

I didn't get to hear Izzy play the violin because one of the strings came undone and she didn't have the tool to fix it. Next time - or I can always Facetime her when she is playing.

We had a lot of fun yesterday morning in a Wii game they got. It's with dance moves and most of the songs were 70s music. I had a blast with them and it sure was a fun way to exercise and not feel like you're exercising. I had a very uneventful flight back home which is as it should be. Back at work and getting ready for the next trip - Azores and Portugal in May.