Saturday, February 01, 2014

Article by Indo-Canadian Telegram

Here is an article from the Indo-Canadian Telegram which is a paper published in Winnipeg and distributed free through many Indo-Canadian businesses.

Last Monday I went to Dhoom's restaurant for lunch with Robin. He had a doctor's appointment and we thought we would grab some lunch before we went. Imagine my surprise when I stood waiting for the hostess to seat us and I saw my face staring back at me from the front of the newspaper!

The reporter, Melvin Duria wrote a very good article about my book. I hope that it'll garner some interest in the Indo-Canadian community or for that matter, any immigrant community.


    To my most loving and caring Cousin SANDRA {SAVITREE} SUKHAN from myself Hashena and my Mom wishing you a fantastic {do what you want} day.Hope you will be around for many many more birthdays.

    Glad to see your book is getting in the media, it will be very satisfying for me to see it in our newspapers here in Orlando also.

    Where ever you are i am sure you and Robin is having a wonderful time together.


  2. Thanks Eddie! I will be enjoying my day at an historic hotel restaurant in Winnipeg. Then it's hot tubbing at Sharm's this evening.


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