Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Fireplace reading this weekend

I'm very excited to have what I am going to call my official launch for my book this weekend to be hosted by Sharm and Sophie. It's on Sunday afternoon at Sharm's house and so far, we are expecting about 15 people. It's a small group but I think it's going to be rather intimate. I'm not sure what to anticipate but I'm looking forward it it. I have another one at her house next Wednesday.
I also have a reading tentatively scheduled at Red River College where I work. It's for January 29th at the Notre Dame campus and January 30 at the Roblin campus. That's going to be my academic debut where I hope that some of the college staff may find the book interesting since it deals with issues of race class, gender, power and privilege.
I am also excited to announce that I have a tentative interview with the Public Broadcasting Service's (PBS) Prairie Pulse in Fargo, North Dakota in March.
I've been getting some excellent reviews from those who have read the book and I hope to collect some reader reviews and post at a later date.
So if you have some suggestions of who you think might be interested in the book, or if you belong to a social media network, I'd appreciate you sharing the book's information on your site (link below).
In Search of the Blue Lotus or call me at 204.488.2628 for a signed copy.

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