Sunday, January 19, 2014

Successful fireside reading

My first fireside reading at Sharm's went very well. There were about 12 people in attendance. I selected three different parts of the book and after reading the first two, one of which is the part when I first heard about Dad's cancer, I could not read the third passage so Sharm took over and read it. She did a fine job but wanted to know why I gave her the most difficult part. 
I was not really anticipating getting emotional - not the best thing for a first reading - but it's my story and I suppose the emotion got the better of me.
A few of the guests had questions ranging from explaining the concept of an arranged marriage to explaining how I understood life in a multi-religious family. Afterwards, we had tea/coffee (made by Trent), biscotti (made by Sharm) and tarts (made by Sophie and Sharm). It was quite a delightful afternoon.
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