Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Sunrise in Winnipeg

If you've spent any time in Manitoba in the last 2 months, you'll know that as of today, we've had more than 21 days of temperatures below -30C. We've all been complaining so much about the cold that by now we are just resigned to turning on the TV or radio to hear that it's another -30C day with a windchill of -40C to -45C.
Each morning, I bundle up, get into my car and do the 30 minute drive to work in a cloud of exhaust fog that makes me feel like I am wearing blinders. I park my car when I get to work and reluctantly get out of the car, plug in the block heater for fear that the car won't start when I get back into it in the afternoon, and quickly make my 150 paces to get into the building as fast as I can.
This morning was decidedly different. I parked and looked up at the Eastern sky and this is what I saw:

The most spectacular sunrise - one of God's most amazing paintings! I pulled out my iPod touch camera (not the best quality to capture such as magnificent sight but I hope you can still appreciate the beauty. I could care less if exposed skin freeze in less than a few minutes. I had to take the time to take some pictures.
They made me smile all day. Hope they'll make you smile too - or at least appreciate that even in the midst of this brutal winter, there was a lovely sky to wake up to this morning. 
BTW, happy birthday to me tomorrow! And to Dad on Feb 2.

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