Thursday, February 27, 2014

First radio interview

I had my first radio interview today on CJOB. I thought I would be nervous but I was characteristically calm.
The interview was conducted by Dahlia Kurtz and she quite easy to talk to. She told be to forget that it was a radio interview and just to think of it as a conversation I was having with her. So of course I completely ignored the honking microphone in front of my face (not really) and carried on. I thought I was going to have about 10 minutes but from start to end it was closer to 25 minutes (including a bit of news, weather and comercials).
Here is the CJOB interview. By the time I returned to the office, I had at least 10 emails from friends and family who had listened including Oscar and Yvonne in Guyana, Eddie in Orlando and Paul in Toronto. The amazing world of internet allowed them to listen live.
On to the next big adventure in promoting my book. Stay tuned...

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