Monday, February 24, 2014

Isla Mujeres: Paradise perfect

I spent two glorious weeks in Isla Mujeres, Mexico enjoying the best that the little island had to offer. The walks with my sister each morning on the seawall was a perfect start to the day.

After our 90 minute walk and a shower to cool off, we had fresh sapodillas, star apples, papayas, mangoes, fig bananas each day for breakfast. Our room had no kitchen but we were the masters of improve because this year we took a one-burner cooktop and a frying pan and had great and leisurely hot breakfasts whenever we wanted to.
 Huevos Mexicanos (scrambled eggs with veggies made in hotel room)
Platanos fritos (fried plantains made in hotel room)
After breakfast we walked over one street to the grounds of a hostel, found two comfortable hammocks and parked ourselves in them as if we were guests at the hostel. No one questioned us but we were prepared to find a sandy beach if we were asked to leave. We'd hang out there until lunch and go back to the hotel for a siesta, some light reading or working on our embroidery projects.
Then it was time for our afternoon shower, some freshly made guacamole and discussions about where we wanted to eat dinner. What a way to spend day after day! After watching a Caribbean sunset we went off to find dinner.
We had the best dinners - freshly caught and cooked seafood like I have never tasted. I had my fill of grilled and fried whole fish and fillets, the most tasty shrimp soup and squid as tender and creamy as a piece of butter melting in my mouth and of course platanos fritos (fried plantains to my stomach's content).

Squid in garlic sauce
Panfried fish
Then it was off to the seawall for a cool evening walk and a leche flan. The sound of the waves in the afternoon on the Caribbean side of the island is quite soothing in a noisy way. I think people sometimes use this sound for relaxation and it is quite hypnotizing.

Evenings were spent reading, embrodering or hooking my rug. All books read, rug hooking completed and embrodiery done. All in all, a good vacation.


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