Sunday, March 16, 2014

CBC Interview

I had my interview this morning with Terry MacLeod of +CBC's Weekend Morning Show on 89.3 FM . Robin and I woke up very early to go to the radio/tv station for 7:20am. The interview was at 7:50am and lasted for about 7-8 minutes but a lot was covered during those few minutes and I thought it went well overall.

Terry was quite personable. He came out and greeted us before the interview and given that he had already read some of the book, he mentioned a few things - one about my high school teacher.

This is my second interview so I would hardly call myself a pro but I was not at all nervous about speaking. All those times in front of the TV camera when I was teaching by streaming video really came in handy. Dave G, where ever you are, I have to give you credit for making things seem so easy back in 2002 when I started streaming. Those were the good old days (well, with Dave's help).

I'm happy to be given the opportunity to talk about the book and I hope I can get a few (many) more. If you have one to suggest, please do so.


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