Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Preparing for my McNally Experience on Sunday

I went into +McNally Robinson Booksellers today to see for myself what several people were telling me - that they saw different advertisements in the store about the upcoming reading and signing on Sunday at 2:00 pm in the Atrium.
Just inside of the parking lot entrance, guess what I saw? Me! There I was - on a nice blue poster right next to copies of my book! I had a good look and smiled to myself. I know I sound excited but I think I am entitled to feel that way. After all, this is my first full-length book (I have published chapter in a book on vocational education and other published items in academic journals). I am no J.K. Rawlings or Alice Munroe so I'll take whatever space I can get.
Front entrance display

I walked around some more and picked up a monthly newlsetter and event flyer and this is what I saw: 

 Newsletter announcement

 Event Flyer Announcement

I perused the Prairie Authors section as well as the non-fiction section but I didn't see any of the books there. Then I asked one of the staff where else I might find copies of my book. She directed me to the Politics section and Women Authors section. And there they were!

 Bottom shelf  of Politics section

Middle shelf corner Women Authors Section

I am very pleased with the support I am receiving from McNally and John Toews has been more than helpful. I hope to see some family and friends on Sunday otherwise I'll be pretty lonely (and slightly embarrassed).
Another good thing happened today just as John and I were emailing each other to confirm Sunday's details, but you'll have to check back tomorrow for the details.

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