Monday, May 12, 2014

(Grand) Mother's Day gift

Yesterday I did something for Mother's Day that I have not done before. I went to my granddaughter Hana's art show at +ParadiseFound Art School. She is quite a brilliant artist for a 9 year old. Here is some of her artwork. We were greeted outside with these lovely paper m√Ęche  flowers.

Then we went inside to see all art work. Of course, the first thing we did was look for Hana's. Only thing is, she didn't put her name on some of her work, so there I was, guessing which one was hers. I thought it was the penguin painting because she likes penguins but when she arrived a few minutes later, she showed me teh mermaid painting and sculpture. That's got to be her favourite thing to draw. The sculptured mermaid was sitting on a rock and around her are sea shells and other treasures.

 Hana's mermaid painting and sculpture

Hana's sculpture was entirely her own work. Some students chose to have the teacher do some finishing work on theirs so they looked smooth but she chose not to do that. She wanted it to be completely hers. And it's great!

One of her greyscale sketches is of Vincent Van Gogh's - The Bedroom. Hana's work is a pretty good representation (click on the link to see).

Hana's interpretation of Van Gogh's The Bedroom

She did two other coloured paintings. I am not sure if they were representations of other paintings but they were good!

One day Hana will be (In)Famous. If you've ever seen the movie The 3 Amigos, the girl in the movie explained that infamous means More Than Famous. So Hana be more than famous.

All in all, that was a very good Mother's Day present. I did get two hanging baskets from my daughters which were almost as nice. Thanks girls.



  1. Thanks for posting hana's pictures on your blog. She is truly INfamous!


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