Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Celebrating spring with my baby robins

I am surrounded by Robins these days - only they are birds! 

Every year about this time, two robins make their nest in above the light outside of the family room window. This year was no different. They are so industrious - spending days building their nest one straw at a time and with bits of mud to hold it together. It's quite a sight to see. Over a period of about a week, they laid 3 eggs but only two hatched. We watched them grow and get bigger each day. They are also very clever - even the babies. As soon as the parents come to feed them, they stretch their little necks above the nest to eat and as soon as the parents go, they settle down and hide under the feathers in the nest. I went to take the pictures but they knew it was not their mother or father so they stayed hidden until I was off the ladder. 

They'll soon be big enough to fly away and start their own family and I'll have to wait till next year for another nest building event that reassures me that spring has finally arrived. 


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