Thursday, July 10, 2014

A stroll down memory lane

I was in Edmonton last week to see my grandbabies and we decided to go to Fort Edmonton Park for the morning. I recall visiting there many, many years ago when Bena was living in Edmonton and I loved it. It's a recreation of a historical time in Edmonton's history. The streets are a replica of from different periods of time from 1885 to the 1920s. 

I walked into some of the houses and I felt that I had walked back in time - that's time in my own life!! There was a coal iron (used no electricity) that I remembered my grandmother used to use when I was little. Then there was the electric iron that I used as a teenager. It had no automatic thermometer so it got so hot that we used to have to unplug it periodically to prevent the clothes being scorched or burnt. One day my mom told me to go do the ironing and I was angry that I had to do it so I stomped upstairs and started pounding down the iron on the clothes as if somehow sheer force would get the clothes ironed. I was not very careful when standing it on the back end and the extremely hot iron fell on my forearm. I shook it off but not before I got two more burns on my arm that took months to heal. I am surprised that I still like ironing after that episode. 

Coal iron

Electric iron
 We had a gramophone similar to this when we lived in Belair but slightly more modern.
 Then there was this push mower that I used in 1970 when I came over to Canada. It was so dull that it would probably put you to sleep in an instant if it could talk.

 Push lawn mower

Mom had a beautiful Singer sewing machine which worked with pedals where lots of clothes were made for us - although I don't remember Mom sewing them.
Sewing machine

Apparently I was dressed "inappropriately" for the times as my ankles and shoulders were showing. Only a certain kind of woman would be dressed so scandalously!

Scandalous attire
 Mike did some time in jail because he was naughty
Mike doing hard time
 And this I remember for sure. The outhouse which was famously called the latrine. I disliked using it but when you gotta go, you gotta go.
 Then my poor grandson had to serve some time in jail with his dad - fortunately only for this photo op.
Ronin doing time too - poor baby!
 I just like this wood stove. It reminds me of when we used to go to the cottage at Gull Lake in the summer There was a woodstove there but I only remember using it once.

Great day with the grandkids and Mike.


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